It’s Not An Air Show Without Jet Noise!

Vietnam 1969, Red Dog Four is under attack and about to be over-run they need air support, a frantic radio call to “Hillsboro Control” finds “The Dragon” holding only a few “clicks” out. He is cleared into Red Dogs location “Hot”. The Dragon screams in at nearly 400 miles an hour laying down machinegun fire, bombs and napalm. As he climbs out Hillsboro alerts him that he has an in-bound “Fast Mover” probably a MIG. The Dragon soon finds out this is no ordinary MIG and pilot, this is the infamous Ivan Petrovski, the most feared Russian Military “Advisor” in all of Vietnam.

It doesn’t take long before the Dragon and Ivan are engaged in a twisting, rolling jet against jet dog fight. The Russian Viper is a fast powerful fighter, but “Ivan” may have underestimated the quick nimble reflexes of the Dragon as they both struggle to get the advantage on their opponent. The audience is drawn into the cockpits of both aircraft as they listen to the two arch enemies verbally try and bait his opponent into making a fatal mistake, because they both know – There is only one winner in air to air combat!

In the end after the victor and his opponent come by the audience for their photo pass Ivan (Gerry Conley) and the Dragon (Andy Anderson) join up and present the audience with one of the most moving dedication to our military passes in the air show industry.

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But Don’t Just Take Our Word About It!

“Your air combat demonstration in the L-29 and BAC-167 Strikemaster is one of the most unique and impressive on the air show circuit and is always a real crowd pleaser”
~Col. Billy D. Thompson, Commander 23d Wing, Moody AFB, GA

“What an exciting and dynamic performance! The close action of the jets re-creating a dogfight, coupled with state of the art sound effects, kept the audience thrilled and wanting more. What a class act!”
~Bill Casey, Air Boss, Owensboro Air Show

“Red Star and The Dragon is a jet team that keeps the audience engaged with an exciting script, sound effects and live cockpit banter. Combine this with vintage jets, smoke and speed and you have a highly unique and entertaining air show act!”
~Michael Kennedy A.C.E., Valiant Echoes

“I just had the pleasure of working with Red Star and the Dragon at a recent air show. Their performance is GREAT FUN! The narration from the cockpit draws you into the dogfight makes you start rooting for good over evil. Jerry and Andy truly get into character and really “sell” it! I enjoyed watching the Dragon trying to out maneuver the powerful “Ivan” in the Red Star. Two professional performers, bringing great entertainment to your air show for all ages to enjoy!”
~Lisa “Cosmo” Heidinger, Narrator for Trojan Horsemen Flight Demonstration Team

“We could not have been more pleased to have Red Star and the Dragon as part of the 2012 Owensboro Air Show. The crowds loved seeing the incredible paint schemes on the aircrafts and enjoyed the interaction with Andy and Jerry at the static display. They were one of the favorite acts during the show and could not have been easier to work with from an air show management standpoint. The entire experience was a pleasure and we look forward to having them back in in the future.”
~Tim Ross, Director Public Events,City of Owensboro